The city mayor

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Dadda Maria Grazia

Personal Details:

Born on: May 24, 1968

Profession: Teacher

Charging current: Mayor





Who she is

The Mayor is responsible for the organization of local government, including the functions of the “Giunta”, or Mayor’s Council.

The Mayor is elected by citizens every 5 years.

The measures and decisions taken by the Mayor are known as “ordinanze” (ordinances) and usually contain either a positive duty (a “commando”, or command) or a negative duty (a “ divieto”, or prohibition).


What she does

1. The acting head of the 'City Administration:

  • represents the City, shall convene and preside over the Executive and Council;
  • overseeing the operation of departments and offices and the execution of documents;
  • part of the Conference of Mayors of the District Health Socio-membership;
  • appointed Councillors;
  • appoint the City Secretary;
  • appointing the heads of the services


2. The Mayor also represents the Government of the Republic in the Municipality. In this capacity:

  • care obligations in regard to marital status, election, military and statistics;
  • by the development, in matters of public security and judicial police, the functions assigned by law;
  • adopt the ordinances and urgent in order to prevent and eliminate serious hazards that threaten the safety of citizens.


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