Native house of Pope Giovanni XXIII

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On Friday November 25th, 1881, at 10:15, in via Brusicco 42, in the Palazzo owned by Counts Morlani, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was born, the fourth of thirteen children.

In 1893 the patriarchal Roncalli family, bound to further expand itself, moved in the nearby building of the Colombera.

Nowadays the native house, cared by the fathers of PIME, is a museum dedicated to mementos of Blessed Giovanni XXIII and his humble traditions.

The farmhouse has a wide porch with three arches, a façade painted in old rose and a rustic wooden staircase leading to the simple rooms.

Once inside the house you can climb upstairs and visit the room where, on November 25th, 1881 the pope-to-be John XXIII was born.

In this room there is his parents' bed, a bureau and a canvas with an image of the Virgin.

Near the native house there is the P.I.M.E. (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) Seminar, a society of apostolic life consisting of missionaries and founded on July 31th, 1850 by Father Angelo Ramazzotti.

The foundation stone of P.I.M.E. in Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII was blessed by Pope Roncalli on March 18th, 1963, the opening held on October 30th, 1965 in the presence of Cardinal Giovanni Colombo, archbishop of Milan, and Monsignor Clemente Gaddi, bishop of Bergamo.

The PIME Seminar - which had been a place of education for missionaries-to-be - is now a place of spiritual retreat and prayers for Italian and foreign groups of people.

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