San Giovanni Battista Parish Church

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The foundation stone of the new place of worship, designed by the architect Virginio Muzio, was laid on August 20th, 1902 by the bishop of Bergamo Monsignor Gaetano Camillo Guindani. Among those present to the ceremony was the young seminarian Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli.

A part of the material needed for building the church was obtained by the demolition of the ancient parish church built on the hill of St. Giovanni.

The new church was blessed on September 21st, 1912 by canonical Monsignor Morlani and the day after Monsignor Radini Tedeschi, the bishop of Bergamo, opened it to the worship of the congregation.

On December 21st, 1923, the Civil Engineers of Bergamo arranged the closing of the building due to infiltrations and in 1926 some works were carried out for safety reasons and restoration.

The church was consacrated on September 21st, 1929 by Monsignor Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, who at the time was bishop of Areopoli and Apostolic Visitor.

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