San Giovanni Tower

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The tower of St. Giovanni is connected to the origin of the city Hall of Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII. On the top of the hill, a pleasant place at the foot of Mount Canto, in the distant 964 a fortalice stood, later transformed in a tower bell. This squared-base tower 56 feet high was an indisputable jewel of Romanesque art.

The first parish church was built near the tower, dedicated to St. Giovanni Battista and consacrated on May 4th, 1356.

Rebuilt in 1455 and enlarged in 1727, the building was an aisle-less church in Romanesque style lighted by ten windows, with a central altar and two side altars.

There is a different description of the church in Acts of the Apostolic Visitation of St. Carlo Borromeo.

The church was pulled down in 1904 and its material was used to build the current parish church of St. Giovanni Battista in a place within easier reach for the congregation.

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