Santa Maria in Brusicco Church

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The construction of the St. Maria in Brusicco Church undoubtedly dates back to 1450, as proved by the will of Lucio de Ronchalis de Padrino dated August 4th, 1529.

Originally the church was built in Romanesque style with Gothic elements like lancet arches, and the external walls were covered with frescos. The central altar, work of Giuseppe Viggiù, was placed in 1830.

On the wall of the altar on the right there is a canvas with the image of St. Antonio da Padova, work credited to Carlo Ceresa.

The frescos on the presbytery vault had been made by the painter Vanni Rossi. On the bell tower there are three ancient bells came from the bell tower of St. Giovanni.

On November 25th, 1891 Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was baptized in this church, and here on August 15th, 1904 he celebrated mass for the first time in his home town.

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